-We had a great release show with CazYapJazz, full house, great audience. Was also a super start for our brand new label Anason Records. Next months we will be playing a lot with CazYapJazz, a tour including Germany & Turkey is planned.


  • 26.09 Semih Yanyali "UNFILTERED" @Shapeshifter (NY-USA)
  • xx.10 Semih Yanyali "UNFILTERED" @TBA (Istanbul-TURKEY
  • xx.10 Semih Yanyali "UNFILTERED" @TBA (Munich-GERMANY)
  • 16.10 CYJ @UNTERFAHRT (Munich-GERMANY)
  • 24.10 CYJ @INT. THEATER FESTIVAL (Braunschweig-GERMANY)


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